martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

Nueva publicación: Prey of Harris' Hawks(Parabuteo unicinctus) During Autumn and Winter in a Coastal Area of Central Chile.

Diet of Harris' hawks (Parabuteo unicinctus) was analyzed using 94 pellets and 128 remains of prey collected during autumn-winter 2006 and 2007 in Reserva Oasis la Campana, a privately protected coastal area in central Chile. Hawks consumed primarily small mammals (69.6% frequency, 88.4% biomass). Although native rodents were consumed most frequently (52.5% frequency), European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) contributed most of the biomass (56.9%) in the diet. Birds were second in importance (23.2% frequency, 10.5% biomass), and some insects and reptiles were consumed. The geometric mean mass of vertebrate prey (267.8 g) was close to that previously documented for Harris' hawks in areas near the Andes Mountains of central Chile. Composition of the diet in our study was similar to that documented for North America, and was almost identical to that in other areas of central Chile.

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